Today I’m gonna show you exactly what it’s like to drive the new Ferrari 488 this is the 488 keep looks nice pretty basic lock unlock features as well as the trunk the front has been completely redesigned compared to the 458 with dual splitters in the front as you’ll notice the headlights are very similar let’s go-ahead and pop the trunk 8.1 liters of space the fact that it’s able to fit all of my camera gear in this trunk is very impressive much much larger than the trunk. In the Huracan or the Audi R8. Let’s do a brief walk around the car. Now I did do a full review on the 488 I’ve got a link in the description below for that so make sure to check that out I talked a lot more about the car instead of just what this thing is like to drive but I really wanted to highlight the driving experience because it truly is spectacular and go over some of the things that I missed.


In the review itself notice in the rear we actually don’t have a wing we’ve got this vent that allows air to pass through here for additional down force that combined with the front splitter and rear diffuses means 50% more down force than the Ferrari four five eight this is the power plant in the 488 a 3.9 liter twin-turbocharged v8 that’s a very controversial element of the car which I will talk a little bit more about turbo charging is not something I believe Ferrari wanted to do but instead they had to comply to emissions reasons but it did result in a massive power increase 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque now sitting inside the interior of the 488 very spacious we’ve got plenty of headroom massive front window side windows and tremendous rear visibility better than most cars that I am used to driving in this segment lovely blue leather interior contrasted white stitching the outside is finished Bianca Avis and we’ve got these painted 20-inch wheels one of five wheel options these seats are the $10,500 gold Drake racing buckets they are manual in their adjust ability we pay more for less in this case but they feel very nice they hold you in place well and they are quite comfortable as well a ton of controls on the steering wheel the horn is not here but instead located on the rim itself to the left and to the right the actual turning indicators are these buttons here and here we’ve got a button to control the suspension to change it from normal to bumpy road mode in case the road gets tough this is the stop start button we’ll go ahead and fire that up the magnetic no dial has several different driving modes wet sport race CTR and ESC off.

I prefer race that is my favorite mode to the right we’ve got the controls for the infotainment honestly the quality of the knobs themselves isn’t all that great kind of shocked actually in a Ferrari we’ve got the climate controls down here the center bridge for reverse auto and launch the window controls here now to the left we’ve got more controls that allow you to change different settings on the Left screen off to the left of this center mounted tachometer right now we are in turbo mode that will show you how many pounds of boost the turbo’s are making vehicle dynamics display will show you all your different settings from F1 track to ABS ESC which will change depending upon what mode you are inlet’s go ahead and take this thing for a spin shall we will go ahead and click the auto button which all surprisingly put it into manual mode when you initially get into before 88 you’ll notice that there is a little bit of play in the throttle believe they thought the four or five eighths response was almost too twitchy so they’ve given you that little space of play it takes some getting used to but after that you’ve got one of the most linear throttles I’ve ever felt in naturally aspirated car the brake pedal feels great takes a decent amount of effort to slow the car down we’ve got carbon ceramic brakes on this but once you’re actually pressing the brakes hard, oh my gosh does it slow the car-effectively we’ve got the 7-speed double-clutch transmission from the 458 although we’ve got 30% quicker shifts down shifts are absolutely telepathic up shifts are as well I mean the second you think you want to shift the car and your finger just grazes over the paddle you’ve already shifted gears that’s how quick it truly is and it adds to the driving experience we’ve got an optional carbon-fiber steering wheel with LED shift indicators to $7,600 steering wheel I almost don’t even feel important enough to be grasping this wheel but when you are up in the rpm range it will light up to let you know when to shift very cool oh my gosh this car is fast some performance statistics for you the 488 makes 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque zero to sixty happens in just 2.7 seconds and the quarter mile in ten point six that is ridiculous curve wait thirty two hundred and fifty pounds giving it a tremendous power and weight ratio which really makes this thing fun in the turns but one of the best parts of the 488 is its steering feel gonna go-ahead and click the turning indicator there on the wheel itself takes a little bit of getting used to but honestly once you’re used to it it’s just like second nature clicking again to turn it off the steering feel is very much like a GT3 RS.


I referenced that car a lot because in my opinion what Porsche is done with that car has created one of the most engaging best steering feels on any modern-day vehicle and Ferrari has created something very very similar the steering is heavier than the four or five eight but very direct and precise I honestly enjoyed the steering more than in the four or five eight gives you a tremendous amount of confidence around turns honestly for a car this fast for you to have as much confidence it’s pretty staggering what they’ve created and the great part is because the steering is so nice you don’t actually have to drive this car flat out to get enjoyment out of it a lot of Ferrari 488 owners aren’t gonna push this thing every single day I’m gonna push it to its true potential you shouldn’t push it to its true potential on the road anyways but let’s be honest a lot of people are just going to cruise around in their 488 the good news is it’s so engaging to drive even at lower speeds it’s not a crime and these customers are gonna get an enjoyable experience even when they are not driving very very aggressively one of the greatest worries with before 88 is the fact that it’s turbocharged how is that going to destroy the sound is it going to have immense turbo lag well it turns out neither of those are really true what doesn’t sound quite as good as the four or five eighths piercing 9,000 rpm naturally aspirated v8 it does sound really good doesn’t have quite the high-pitched howl of the four or five eighties but it sounds fantastic in its own right Ferrari has employed boost by gear to limit ranges to eliminate some of the harsh noises and kind of poor sound quality associated with the turbocharged v8 at low RPM’S to kind of mimic that naturally aspirated v8 sound and they’ve done a great job at that in terms of turbo lag you can’t tell whatsoever the only real indication that this vehicle is turbocharged is the sound of those waste gates if you step on the gas and let off is lovely whooshing releases behind your offense intoxicating Ferrari employed very low friction aluminum and titanium impellers in the turbo so they swollen up instantly they’re working on electronically controlled turbo’s that are able to be spooled up independently of the RPMs where you are in the RPM range that will be really cool another highlight of the 488 is its magneto theological dampers the magnetic ride suspension is constantly scanning the road and able to adapt in just a matter of milliseconds to allow this car to be on track ready and also to be able to be driven on a daily basis it also allows you to be flat-out more of the time over bumps because the suspension is constantly adjusting you feel confident even when the road is a little bit unsettled and that is just a fantastic thing now we’ve got Ferraris latest f1 track as well as if technology that works in conjunction with side slip control now what is side slip control well essentially it is Ferraris version of variable drift control like in the McLaren 720’s that allows you to slide and it aids you in doing so it’s not button or anything you click to activate it simply works in the background if you start drifting the car and your slip angle increases it actually loosens up the magnetic ride suspension softens that up so it’s a little bit more supple and easier to play around with in the turns and when drifting how cool is that this thing is awesome let’s listen to that be for a second I mean you can’t say that that sounds bad you just you just can’t pretty good isolation as well in here you could honestly daily drive this car it’s comfortable its practical you’ve got a ton of space up there the seats are comfortable the 488 is so technologically advanced that it’s actually half a second faster around Ferrari test track theory know than a 458 special that’s the more hardcore version of the four five eight that’s pretty staggering for the entry-level 488 they’ve since come outwit the 488 pista which of course will be even faster than this I can’t imagine how awesome that car is to drive some random facts about the 488 they’re probably don’t matter 15 miles per gallon in the city and 22 on the highway although when driving it at any sort of speed it definitely gets a lot worse than that overall though there’s all these preconceived notions that the 488 lacks character that’s less exciting than the four or five eight and I honestly disagree because of those twin turbo yes you’ll lose some of the sound quality but because you don’t have any sort of turbo lag you also get that full 560 pound feet of torque available at 3,000 RPM that means I’m in fourth gear right now you step on it and thrust you back into your seat much harder than the four or five eight would you’d have to downshift a couple gears to get into the right part of the power band that develops its maximum 398 pound feet of torque significantly less at a 6,000 RPM so you’ve got to be all the way up in the rev range to get any sort of power out of the car which is fun in its own right but this is easier to use you’re going to get more of the power more of the time but I enjoy the fact that we still have an analogue tachometer everyone’s going digital nowadays but it feels right to have this massive tachometer in the center of a Ferrari with that red needle and prancing horse behind it like I said in the review after driving the 488 I’ve completely changed my opinions on the car what many people thought was a lackluster boring Ferrari that yeah sure it was faster but less desirable than a four or five eight that isn’t the case what so ever when you get behind the wheel of the 488 lovely e63 right there all of that goes away it truly is a mesmerizing enjoyable experience well I hope you guys enjoyed this review and what it’s like to drive the 488 from a first-person point of view.

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