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This is Audi R8 V10 plus. eleven years ago when the R8 first came out there was such a V8 engine, there was no V10 and there was no Plus. The original R8, it had a base price of only a hundred and ten thousand dollars. Right now this one is available for sale and it’s sticker price is almost double that just a little over two hundred thousand dollars. So today I’m going to show you why the R8 has gotten so expensive I’ll start with the most obvious thing the engine now the original R8 v8 back in 2008 had only 420 horsepower which isn’t really all that much by modern standards. This thing has a 5.2 liter V10 with 610 horsepower which is massive and trust me that isn’t even close to the only difference. To find out all the other reasons why the R8 have gotten so expensive, I am going to show you around this thing. I’m gonna give you a tour and show you all of its cool quartz and weird features then I’m going to get it out on the road and drive it and finally I’m going to give it a dug score. I should mention I have borrowed this all right from Audi bridge water here in New Jersey and they have two brand new R8 currently in stock.



They also have a bunch of the newly redesigned SQ5. Now consider today a huge success if I can walk out of here without impulsively buying one now on to the quirks. I will start on the outside with the R8 door handles now I tell you to be old all right because it had not yet succumb to the industry trend of putting weird door handles on exotic cars well the new R8 it has kind of a weird door handle. You will notice you do not see it when you first look at the car it is just flush and beautiful, instead you have to kind of reach your hand around underneath until you find the door handle and loop your fingers and then you can open the door. It’s not that weird but it’s not exactly normal, either the coolest exterior cork in this car may be the coolest cork in the entire car is these turn signals. Take a look at these things the top part is cool enough just based on its design but the bottom bit is what’s really needed so it lights up in the direction that you’re going to let other drivers know exactly where you’re turning. This is the coolest turn signal in the car industry right now. 

What are your interesting exterior chords in this car is the trunk. now just like in the original alright the trunk panel is massive, so when you open this new cap, you think it’s going to be this huge trunk, but then it just isn’t really it’s not all that big just like in the original alright. Unlike in the original area however this one has nets in the cargo area so it looks like kind of little cargo tennis court going on here. Moving on to the interior my favorite things you notice the second you get inside a car is this floating array of climate control. This is so cool they look futuristic and most importantly they feel amazing. They’re not jiggled at all like you expect, considering they just kind of dangle there it’s really good design and it’s really well built. Another thing about these climate door bugs they’re not just attracted, they are tremendously intuitive, if you work for a car company as an engineer in the climate control buttons Department take notes on the left air conditioning speed turn it up for more turn it down for less that’s easy in the middle temperature up for more down for less and the button on the right directs where the air goes as you move it you change where the air comes out and there’s a little diagram there that shows where the air comes out each time you move it it is brilliant on the bottom if you want to defrost off or the rear defroster you press those buttons it’s an entire climate control system summarized in three buttons and three switches.

So how come in every other car is there so much stuff they should all be just like this next up let’s talk about the steering wheel now every sonic cars kind of get more and more stuff on the steering wheel so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel and this one is no exception but this car has some especially interesting things on its steering wheel on the right you have the bright red engine start/stop button, that is to be expected let’s expect it is right below it that’s the exhaust button you want more exhaust just push it and even looks like a little exhaust on the other side there’s a button with a checkered flag on and that button initiates launch control and above that you have the drive select button where you can choose between all the cars drive modes of course there’s also a usual smattering of cruise control and infotainment and radio volume buttons and then at the top there are the paddle these days exotic car soon we also getting more and more complicated and the R8 is no exception another interesting feature this car located right here behind the driver seat is the hood release button now might not sound all that interesting but check this out you buy a new car you probably not to get under the hood all that often it’s all in a warranty the dealer does all that stuff for you but push the hood release button in this car look at that it automatically pops right up it does not have to do that out I could have just made an annoying latch that you have to find like every other car but pops up automatically that is really good attention to detail on excellent quality but outings attention to detail isn’t always perfect example that in this car is a cup holders a couple of your situation this car something I’ve never seen before they’re under a lid and the lid isn’t something you can just pull off it’s actually hinged which means the largest cup you can get in back is only this tall is the lid will actually open so you know time is you stick your cups in there and then the lift the lid is up and you can’t actually use the armrest as an hour rest when you’re driving along so you have to choose cup holder or armrest it’s a very weird design behind those unusual upholders if one another one of the are eight strange features now I already probably understood that their front trunk isn’t as big as some rivals so they added a little storage solution inside the cabin what it is a cloth separator between the seats and the back of the car where you could put stuff behind the weird thing about this particular separator is that it has little zippered pockets for stuff you don’t want to move around it’s actually pretty good solution although an unusual one and an exotic sports car but back to outages excellent attention to detail when the car is in park red pea appears right here next to the gear selector but the second you move the car out of park the pea disappears the whole gear just is gone so you never have to think about the travesty of parking your r8 it’s my small and most people would notice but I personally think it’s kind of cool when you want to park the car again you press the Button on the gear so I turn the P pops right back up but the coolest part of this interior is by far as a gauge cluster which is undoubtedly the most advanced gauge cluster in the car industry right now I know it’s used in a lot of modern outsides but in case you haven’t seen it don’t want me to walk you through some of the coolest things about it let’s start with the fact that it’s just a giant screen no gauges and completely configurable you want your tachometer to take up most of it that’s fine you want your phone contacts and call info that’s fine too but check out the coolest part this giant 3D map literally shows you where you are and it’s oriented in the direction you’re pointing look up that’s where you are look down that’s where you are – you can also adjust that center display screen down here with these buttons in the center console maybe the coolest part is of the taping feature one tell a navigation system to take you somewhere you don’t need to mess with scrolling through a keyboard or trying to get it to recognize your voice just use this thing down here to type what you want it’s amazingly easy this feature only a few navigation systems have right now but they will all have it soon even the leading is intuitive just swipe your hand back and it deletes the last character you typed between that in the display located right below your line of sight it’s proud of the first navigation system that’s easier to use than just plugging the destination into your phone so the r8 has a surprising amount of cool features and weird quicksand now it’s time to get it out on the road and drive it for more of my R8 experience click the link below to go to slash over steer where I’ve got a column with more of my thoughts on the r8 and I’ve got a list of the cheapest V10 powered cars currently listed for sale on auto trader[Music]closer is just the coolest thing all the new Audi’s have this so this isn’t that amazing for just the r8 but if you haven’t seen this yet this is the this is so cool I’m looking at the road we’re travelling in the direction we’re traveling in this is going to be what a six-inch screens like that and it’s completely color and there’s you know my speed and my tack are still there it’s not even distracting really it’s more distracting when you’re down here fiddling with this stuff this is so cool really fast shifts in this car as fast as I mean it’s not possible to get that to this I love the sound I just throw the V8 R8 which I love because it’s such a pure car and it’s not that powerful and on but it doesn’t have it’s not as great this thing is a monster this car is also so far more technically advanced in the first generation all right that it’s crazy you can just tell instantly more futuristic with these little air conditioning controls in the center and the gauge cluster everything just seems like it’s on the next level it doesn’t the same feeling of coolness that the R8 first had when it came out back in oh wait was like oh my god what is that that’s an Audi now everybody kind of familiarize themselves in the design but sitting inside it I feel even cooler than that with this cockpit thing it’s unbelievable how cool it all right back now yes okay let’s drive this thing Wow oh my god oh my god well that’s pretty quick oh it’s so flat around the corner goal the steering it’s so much more precise it’s so precise, I don’t think it’s quite as precise as Huracan laser or not I think that the Huracan is just a little bit more has better turn it but still this thing is unreality’s amazing the corners dead flat this is one of the best this is absolutely one of this Huracan when you turn the wheel like no car I’ve ever driven it’s just it’s like those spaceships and into the Independence Day movie like you turn in this car is damn close obviously I mean this is up there with all the best 4,800 like that I just exert just the slightest little bit off Huracan was just so incredible in that respect okay let’s give it a shot, oh my god Wow that is wild what is this car that is crazy that is crazy crazy speed. Wow that was some of the sharpest explosion well not after but I cheated and looked up the stairs or 260 before I came here and I know this car is actually one of the quickest cars ever sold this car deserves fifteen twenty two point nine two point eight seconds which is up there with I mean that’s quicker than forty eight partially if I presume because it doesn’t all wheel drive start there’s no roller coaster I’ve ever been on that felt like that there’s no I’ve the feeling you get initially when you first do that and when dislike feeling of speed washes over you I don’t know that like my body has ever gone not wow that was massively bad I mean I’m spoiled because I’m doing all these cars and that’s true at all of them but justify this one is on that level it’s just like the forty eight and all that stuff which you know ten years ago in the art came out you didn’t say it about it you said all day the 911 turbo competitor now this car is squarely a Ferrari forty-eight Huracan competitor on that level. And so that’s the 2017 Audi R8 V10 plus now maybe at $200,000 it is it as affordable as the original model but then something like 50% more horsepower than the original R8 and it now does 0 to 60 in like three seconds or less or that crazy launch control it’s like a little sports car that grew up and went through school and has emerged a full-fledged exotic supercar and now time to give it a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling me alright V10 plus is an attractive car certainly in the upper echelon but not one of the all-time grades it gets an 8 out of 10 in terms of acceleration the R8 V10 plus does 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds and it’s probably the fastest car I’ve ever driven it gets in earns a 10 out of 10 handling it’s great excellent sharp nearly at the very top but not quite there it gets an 8 out of 10 cool factories strong but the R8 has become familiar and nobody except the biggest car geeks know you got the V10 plus version it gives a 7 out of 10 finally importance which measures the cars significance it’s more important than an average car but these are certainly more mass-produced than most exotics it gives us 7 out of 10 bringing its total weekend score to an impressive 40 out of 50 not the very top but not far behind next up are the daily categories starting with features where the r8 is truly innovative love the climate controls but I really love the Audi virtual cockpit which gives Tesla a run for its money it gets hard to achieve 9 out of 10 the best car in this class luxury measures comfort to me alright is reasonably comfortable but it’s still an exotic sports car it feels like it it’s even abit rougher than its predecessor it gets a 5 out of 10 quality measures materials and reliability is too early to tell but howdy has been improving recently materials are excellent in nearly every area and it earns an 8 out of 10 practicality is hindered by the small trunk the RH 8 cubic feet would normally give it a 3 but poor fuel economy and only two seats not that number down to a 2 out of 10 finally there’s value the r8 is really expensive maybe at over $200,000 but think of it this way it’s far cheaper than a Huracan and almost laughably cheaper than a 488 it accelerates faster than both those cars and it has better tech and it handles nearly as well that would give it a great score but let’s not forget it maybe still is over $200,000 and that brings it down to a seven out often giving it a total daily score of 31 out of 50 add those scores together and you’ll get a total Doug score of 71 that makes the R8 V10 plus the new Doug score champion and it deserves it comfortable and daily drive able with amazing technology but also supercar performance it’s an awesome vehicle.

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