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This is story about people who has been borrowed 2018 McLaren 720’s.


This is a 2018 McLaren 720’s it’s McLaren’s new exotic sports car replacing the 650s now. In the past I’ve complained that all McLaren models look the same and they have the same engine well here’s one that looks completely new and it has a completely new engine with 710 horsepower I’ve borrowed this 720 s from McLaren Philadelphia here in Westchester Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia suburbs and this isn’t even the coolest car they have that honor goes to a p1 they currently have for sale for over two million dollars but this one is pretty cool as it is the latest McLaren mode land only came out a few months ago and yes it has 710 horsepower and 570 pound-feet of torque courtesy of a 4 liter twin turbo charged V8 it also weighs just a hair over 3,100 pounds which makes it around 280 pound slighter than a Ferrari 488 or in terms you can understand approximately one giant panda lighter or roughly 21 armadillos of course if I’m comparing this thing to the Ferrari 488 you probably know this thing has got tube pretty expensive and indeed it is the McLaren 720’s starts at two hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars and with options things can go up from there this one has a sticker price of just over three hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars so today I’m going to show you what you get when you spend more than three hundred thousand dollars on a McLaren I’m going to show you all of its cool features and its interesting quirks then I’m going to take it out on the road and tell you how this thing drives and then I’m going to give it a dug score and from one of my thoughts on the 720 s experience click the link below to go to slash overseer where’ve also compiled a list of the other hottest most anticipated new cars coming-out this year according to meow I’ll start by addressing a question I’m sure you have which is how do you get in the 720 s there’s no visibly obvious exterior door handles well it turns out you reach into the middle of the door behind the door panel there’s little black pad put your hand on it pull and then the door pops right open and then you jump insides now I’m inside the 720 s to go over the long list of quirks and features in the interior this car there are some really cool ones starting with the coolest offal that would be the gauge cluster now when you get in the car you’ll notice that there isn’t a gauge cluster it’s not until you turn on the car that the gauge cluster whirs into place making full 90-degree turn so that it displays itself to you but that’s not the coolest thing about the gauge cluster the coolest thing about the gauge cluster is that when you put the 720 s into track mode the gauge cluster whirs down again and goes back into the position that it’s in when the car is off and it only displays the information you absolutely need to know on the very top of the gauge cluster put the car back in sport mode or regular mode and a gauge cluster goes back to its normal position displaying more information now interestingly it’s not just track mode that you can use to change the positioning of the gauge clusters there’s also a little button to the liftoff the steering wheel that you can push and that will change the gauge cluster from down to up and vice versa another cool thing about the gauge cluster is that you can customize when twos Intuit lower position the default is track mode but in the center infotainment system you can change that to sport mode and track mode or you can make it so it only happens when you manually push the button of course there are other cool things about the gauge cluster for example the gauge cluster in this car like an Alma clearance is highly configurable so on the left part of the screen you can adjust using a little stock that comes out to the left of the steering wheel you can look at all sorts of different car functions temperatures settings menus etc meanwhile over on the right side of the gauge cluster screen you’ll find the regular oil temperature engine temperature and if you turn it to sport mode you’ll also find the tire temperature but if you go into comfort mode that disappears because I guess it isn’t necessary when you’re just driving for comfort I also love the fact that when you change the drive mode setting from Comfort to sport it also change show the gauge clusters displayed and what information it shows you in comfort you see the regular things you’d expect normal gauge cluster but if you put it in sport it becomes sport and the gear is displayed a lot more prominently so you know what gear you’ rein and then of course switch into track and you know what happens next the other cool thing about the gauge cluster when you’re driving down the street and your rpm are going up it’s not just a little needle that displays where your rams are the bottom part below the needle lights up to give you a better idea of where your revs are and that is really really cool and finally another cool thing about the gauge cluster that I really like when you turn this car off before the gauge cluster retreats back into its sleeping position it tells you how maydays of battery life you have left that’s because McLaren knows that its owners are going to Park these cars for a long time they get 1012 cars in their collection and it’s really nice to know exactly how long you can let it sit before the battery would go flat while you’re driving your other exotic cars but while the gauge cluster it might be this cars coolest party trick it isn’t the only cool feature inside this interior instead there are a lot of them I’m going to move on right now to the air vent so we start the air vents in the middle now in the middle there are two air vents in this car one is a circle there’s sort of a triangle shape the triangle one can’t really be adjusted you can’t move it up or down or side topside but you can do one cool thing within if you push the big silver button in the middle of it turns it off no more air comes out push it again turn sit back on its are a little hidden feature of that air but the other air vents are also unusual there are circles on the left right in middle of the dashboard and you can move them all around just like normal air vents and regular cars but the cool part is if you turn the little silver tab in the middle it turns the air vent on and off and on and off which is a cool little quirk of the air vents next time two more of my favorite features in this car the middle of the interior that would be the drive modes elector and the transmission selector I’ll get to the transmission selector in second but the drive mode selector is especially cool it allows drivers to change between Comfort Sport and track mode but unlike other cars you can do this twice one switch for the power train and one switch for the suspension that means you can have the power train in track mode for crazy fast throttle response but just in case you’re driving around on the street you can put the suspension in comfort mode so the ride doesn’t beat you up it’s a really cool idea now the other cool thing about the drive mode selector is you can’t just turn them in order to change the drive mode first you have to activate them so you’re really sure you want to change the drive modes before you do it feels like you’re confirming something on a fighter jet moving onto the transmissions elector this has to be the coolest transmission selector in any car there’s no gear lever there aren’t even regular buttons instead there are these little levers you push to get the car from reversed and neutral to drive it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen and it looks really cool too also I love how nice and sturdy enslaver are gives you a nice feel when you put the car in gear now if you’re wondering why there’s no park lever it’s because in order to park this car you put it in neutral and then you pull the parking brake which Is a little switch to the left of the steering column and then the car is impart you don’t have to put it in a park gear it’s like a stick shift in that regard another interesting item back tithe steering column that would be the stalks for the turn signals and the wipers they are really cool they’re really sturdy but they also just look really cool and for some reason they have a hole in them I don’t know why Alike these things so much but I really do and I’m glad that enough clarion uses them also interesting in this car now because the gauge cluster can fold away when you’re in track mode or if you just manually fold it you wouldn’t be able to see all of the lights you might need to see like the check engine light another warning lights whether your turn signals are on that sort of thing so this car has two fixed driver information centers that contain all the little warning lights to the right and to the left of the steering wheel those are always there regardless whether or not you’re in gauge cluster is upright or sleeping now like in a lot of exotic sports cars there was no glove box in the seven 20 s but like in a lot of cars with no glove box there are a lot of other interesting storage areas throughout the cabin like for example the doors have a couple of little storage pockets one on each door the center console has a nice little storage pocket with a rather sturdy center console lid and there’s ante between the seats where you can store stuff but my personal favorite storage item in this car is behind the seats there’s a little shelf and while most cars are content to just leave this shelf there so you can throw your suitcase back there the McLaren actually has a little strap on the Shelf that straps on to four different anchor points in the coolest part the strap haste McLaren logo in the middle next we move on to another one of my favorite features in this car and that would bathe windows not the windshield the windows on the side the windows behind you how about the windows above you there are windows in this car mounted on the doors they’re optional and it’s two thousand six hundred and ninety dollar option I’m going to get into more of the crazy options in a minute but the windows are maybe my favorite of the crazy options because when you’re sitting in theist looks like a cockpit in a fighter jet all the other glass goes almost over you and then the windows are right above you it’s a really neat look and check out how cool it looks when the door is open now I’ve been in a lot of exotic cars but I’ve never seen door mounted windows that line up above your head when the door is closed that’s pretty cool next up Montana couple there’s there are two of them in this car one of them is hidden under the center controls so no one will really know that it’s there the other one is right in the middle and in this car it’s lined in Alcatraz which is not really the material I use for cup holder because it’ll just stain and get dirty and fade quite quickly but nonetheless it’s there and it will hold your drink if you want and then we move on to the infotainment system now the infotainment screen in this car is vertical like in previous McLaren models and not horizontal like in every other car which makes for an interesting look there are a few interesting things about the infotainment screen one is the fact that when you put this car in Reverse the little tiny reverse camera shows upon the infotainment screen arrayed horizontally even though the screen itself is vertical the good news you can put the reversing camera in the gauge cluster which makes it a lot easier to see and gives you a lot larger screen another cool thing in the infotainment system that would be the variable drift control mode McLaren clearly wants you to have fun with this car nobody else has a drift control mode and this one allows you to go and control your drifting on a closed course obviously I also love the look of the climate controls it’s inside the infotainment system which I don’t always love but I’m willing to make the trade-off for this take a look the guy in the climate controls is wearing a helmet like he’ sat a race car but he’s getting air-conditioning put on him I love it you can set the climate controls based on the helmet guy you can send him up this helmet or to his legs or to the windshield one of things I don’t like this cars heated seat buttons are in the infotainment screen I’m a big believer that heated seat buttons should just be something you press when you’re really cold instead of having to go through various menus but at least this car has heated seats in the first place oh and speaking of seats the seat controls for this thing are so weird like in other McLaren models they’re not noted on the side of the seats like in most cars or even on the door instead they’re at the front of the seats next to the gears elector and they’re not really all that intuitive you kind of have to play around with them for a while to figure out exactly what button moves what the reason for that is they’re not really in the shape of a seat and said there’s a sort of array of buttons that you can’t see so you got to kind of touch them and see what happens another interesting thing inside the 720sinfotainment system that would be valet mode you go in get it in valet mode input a pin and then the car is in valet mode so you can safely turn it over to valet and what happens then when the 720 s goes into valet mode the top speeds limited to just 35 miles an hour and the engine revs are limited to not that will stop valets from finding a way to damage it also love the track telemetry options for drivers who take their 720’s on the racetrack go into and you read a little disclaimer saying that when you’re using track telemetry the radio phone and media are disabled pretty cool but so is this you can compare your lap time with prior laps enter your driver name or even note bad weather so you know why alas may have been a little slower there’s even an option for snow in case you’re doing some snow we track days and your three hundred and thirty-five thousand dollar McLaren 720 s next up we move on to the doors you’re probably wondering how do you get out of this car well there isn’t a standard door handle but there is this electronic and or pull it and then just push on the door and it opens right up the harder part is actually closing the door these doors are really heavy and getting them closed properly requires some force now obviously if the electronic door pole isn’t working there is a manual release it’s just to the left of the driver’s seat or the right of the passenger seats a core do you pull to manually open the doors in case the battery has failed now that I figured out how to open the doors and get out of the 720 ask time to move on to the quirks and features of the exterior there are many we will start with the headlights which have been very controversial in this car infect a quick glance you might think that the headlights are missing but they’re not the weird thing about the headlights is there’s this little cutout like you can see and there’s a bar going across it well that’s not the headlight that’s actually the turn signal and I think it looks kind of cool the bar goes across the headlight and then it kind of sort of continues on the other side of the bodywork by the wheel the actual headlight itself is further in underneath that bar behind it and also behind that bar is little air intake so it’s a combo headlight turn signal air intake thing this is a controversial aspect of this car but I think it look sat the very least interesting now moving on to the trunk you’ll find a couple of interesting items upon the 720’s starting with the fire extinguisher which by the way it’s hilarious it’s in the trunk a fire starts in the car and you stop pull over you pop the trunk walk to the front open it turn on the fire extinguisher it’s like thirty seconds before you can actually start battling the flames anyway there’s the fire extinguisher there’s also a first-aid kit and a warning triangle now the reason I find those things kind of interesting is because they’re cheap the fire extinguisher costs only one hundred and eighty dollars per the window sticker and the first-aid kit in the warning triangle are only eighty dollars which is absolutely nothing on the window sticker of a three hundred and thirty-five thousand dollar car in fact this car has the McLaren’s sports option package which is over eleven thousand dollars and it shares a window sticker with an eighty dollar warning triangle it’s probably the largest discrepancy in the entire history of car window stickers now speaking of the warning triangle and first aid kit something else interesting about this car you can’t open the engine compartment of a 720’s seriously you pay three hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars and you can’t even look at your glorious engine there’s no button inside the cabinet doesn’t pop back there there’s no way to-do it except hidden inside the warning triangle and first aid kit compartment there is a little tool that allows you to get into the engine compartment but only in an emergency otherwise McLaren doesn’t want you fooling around back there another interesting thing up in the trunk on the left you’ll notice there’s little net containing a leather zippered pouch well remember this car doesn’t have a glove box so that’s where you’ll find your McLaren owner’s manual it fits perfectly inside this little zippered pouch and when you open up the pouch you’ll discover that the owner’s manual is hardback it’s a very classy way to learn how the buttons and switches and your McLaren work moving around to the back of the 720’s let’s talk spoiler right now it’s in the down position to make it extra slippery for high-speed but push a little button inside the cabin in the seven 20s marked arrow and the spoiler shoots up to give you extra down force take a look at the spoiler in action[Music]something interesting worth noting is you look at the spoiler going up and down maybe you noticed it normally the third brake light in this car is right here under the back window but when the spoiler is up it would obstruct the third brake light and so when this pointer pops up the third brake light switches from here to the spoiler itself put the spoiler back down and the third brake light switches back from the spoiler back to this little spot below the window it’s a kind of cool little touch if you notice it when it’s going on a few other interesting things in the back of the 720’s one of the things Alike best about this car all the McLaren’s is that the exhaust is right here in the middle above the license plate it’s not only a cool look but islets you hear it a little bit better than you would if it was down here Ideally like that I also love the look of the tail lights the brake lights the turn signals it’s these tiny little lines there arrayed just perfectly on the back they give this car a really dramatic effect for some reason I really love minimalist brake lights and turn signals like this especially on cars with such dramatic exterior styling and there’s just a little line for the brake lights and turn signals another interesting piece of rear lighting in this car they get the brake lights and the turn signals up here doing their thing will the reverse light all the way down there below the license plate and it’s really tiny apparently the reverse lighting doesn’t fit in with the McLaren design philosophy another interesting item as you can probably hear the car icon right now so I go to open the fuel door and nothing it won’t open which is odd and there’s no button or switch inside the car to release the field or something and how do you open this thingy can’t get it open what do you have to-do well it turns out watch this I’m going to turn the car off now the car is off I push the fuel door and it pops right open apparently the fuel door can sense whether the car is on or off and it won’t open unless the car is turned off next up a few other interesting exterior quirks in this car starting with the doors now I already told you they have those windows in the top of them even if they’re really heavy but one of the craziest things about the doors is just how complex of a piece they are for example where you go to open them they have a hole in them so the door can lineup with the air vent and send air into the engine and that isn’t the only hole in the door there’s a separate one at the base of the door on the outside it’s absolutely crazy the entire door opens upwards it has two windows inside it one of which rolls down and it has two holes don’t think I’ve ever seen a door this complicated before another interesting exterior quark how about the windshield wipers one of them is gigantic one of them is incredibly small just like the Honda Fit no really just like the Honda Fit if you have one you know what I’m talking about and then there is maybe this cars most appreciated feature and that would be the sport exhaust the sport exhaust in this car is a five thousand seven hundred and seventy dollar option but when you’re driving it you might think that it’s worth every penny take a listen while it’s just parked here[Music]okay so those are all the 720’s is unusual quartz and cool features and no surprise it has a lot of them now it’s time for maybe the best feature of Althea driving experience time to get this thing out on the road and see what it can do alright driving the 720 s I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw picture of this car just like I’m sure all of you did well that’s fast Wow I should mention this is not a brand new card as thousand miles long it was a demo or après car or something so I’m not crashing a completely new engine I put down the gauge cluster I don’t need it I don’t need all that information right now it’s down it’s so cool the ride comfort is actually not so bad you feel the bumps but unlike in a lot of other sports cars like this I feel like in a lot of others you a lot of stuff bump you really hurts this car it’s dampened a little bit better it sort of feels a little bit smoother even though you still feel them if that makes any sense I cannot figure out her to the seats the seat controls are so bizarre in this car it’s one of the big annoyances you can’t see him I mean there’s no way to know what you’re what you’re adjusting when you’re adjusting it one of the things I absolutely love about this car in addition to the engine note which is of course amazing the turbo note that the whistle from the turbochargers he’s one of the coolest sounds that I’ve heard any car going around a little bit here[Music]shifts are instant absolutely instant but that’s not the crazy part the crazy part is the speed it’s totally protraction third I mean you violate every speed limit the world in three and a half seconds this is one of the fastest things that driven unbelievably my incredibly expensive and terrible sonny microphones chose this moment to fail but don’t worry I’ve already replaced them with better units for future videos I ended up driving the 720’s for about an hour and here are some of the highlights number one this car feels fast it isn’t like some fast cars where you feel insulated or remove from the road you know exactly how fast you’re going you feel like you’re going fast and the sensation of speed is very thrilling it also helps that the car slopes down directly in front of you where you’re sitting in the driver’s seat so you don’t really see much car ahead of you instead it actually feels like you are going that fast which makes it seem even more exciting I noted several times the 720’s is handling is incredibly precise although I swear the Huracane is just a little bit more precise and exact the 720’s feels secure and predictable and incredibly capable around every corner but I think it falls just a slight step behind the Lamborghini it doesn’t lose anything tithe Huracane in terms of the transmission though it’s just as fast as the Huracane over the 488 I also kept remarking on how fast this car is at one point intoned and I’m quoting here how is it this fast a few other notes about driving the 720 s the interior is wonderful place to sit first off everything is screwed together perfectly every single panel and surface and material feels expensive and tightly situated but it isn’t just that the intern it’s cool many exotic cars go to great lengths to create cool exterior designs only to offer interiors where you forget you’re sitting in an exotic car the AMG GT in the Audi r8 for instance I like that sometimes but the 720’s is just as cool on the inside arson the outside that’s a neat feature also like other McLaren models when you’re going very fast when you slam on the brake the spoiler comes up and acts as an air brake this helps you slow down but it dramatically limits your rear visibility when you’re stopping hard speaking of visibility the positioning of the mirrors is weird because of the design of the door with a big hole right next to the car the mirrors are way out from where you’d expect them to breather than right next to the windshield it works but it takes some getting used to and so that’s the 2018 McLaren 720’s the latest exotic sports car on the market if you’re wondering how it stacks up against its rivals the McLaren 720’s like I said before has 710 horsepower the Ferrari 488 has 660 horsepower and the new Lamborghini Huracane perform on 2 has 630 horsepower the 720 s will do 0 to 60 in about 2.7 seconds compared to 3 flat for the 48 and the Huracane perform on tape so this car is loaded with cool features and cool quirks the driving experience is incredible in it’s a little quicker than its rivals with a little bit more power all for three hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars time to see how it stacks up in the dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling I love how the 720 s looks and I think its shape is more thrilling than the competition but I understand the complaints about the headlights so I’m going to give it an 8 out of 10 acceleration it does 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds which earns it a 10 out of 10 handling is very very good and the 720 s is just about perfect but I swear the steering is just a little slower than the Huracane which are into perfect 10 so the 720 s gets a 9 out of 10 next up is cool factor in this car is near the top it’s the hottest new exotic car most people haven’t seen one yet and it easily earns an 8 out of 10 importance is also high as this is not only as ought-after desirable exotic car but also Mclaren’s first model with this new styling and new engine so it gets an 8 out of 10 add it up in the total weekend score is 43 out of 50 leaving atone point behind the Huracane and tied with the 488 this is going to be a close one in the battle for the dug score sowed move on to the daily categories and features where the 720 s is simply better equipped than the 488 and especially better than the aging Huracane’s on par with the new R8 V10 plus and it earns the same score an 8 out of 10 comfort is good better than the rough Huracane in 48 and it once again ties the R8 V10 plus with a 5 out of 10 quality however is a sore spot the 720’s interior is truly fantastic with everything put together wonderfully and with excellent materials but long-term reliability is a worry with a relatively new relatively unproven brand it gets a 7 out of 10 which is below all the rivals practicality is weak the 720 sheds just 5.3 cubic feet of cargo space which is far below the radiates 8.1 cubic feet and while the 720’s has an extra space under the rear glass it’s really hard to access consider that plus two seats and bad fuel economy and I can’t give it more than a two out of ten and that brings us to value the Huracane and r8 v10 plus goat seven out of ten but they’re way cheaper than the McLaren and if the 720sis like other McLaren models it’s going to depreciate quickly it owns a six out of ten bringing the total daily score to twenty-eight out of 50 add it all upend the total dug score is 71 out of 100which places it near the top but let’s take a closer look compared to rivals the Huracane is still the champion on the weekend score but it’s worth noting the720’s is faster I just don’t have a way to show anything above a 10 out of 10 more importantly the 720 s combines the R8 V10 plus has excellent scores on comfort and features with the 488 excellent weekend score which is no easy feather 720 s only loses when it comes to value dependability in practicality things I think most exotic car owners consider a little less important than the other stuff it might have the same score but I personally would take the 720 s over the others at least until the next new one comes out because that’s the trick in this segment the newest ones usually the best until the next newest one comes out then it’s the best stand the cycle continues but right now the 720 s is the newest it’s the best stand I loved it you.

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