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This Review Story of BMW M3 that has been test Drive

The BMW M3 has always been like the benchmark car ever since its birth it’s been what all the other companies compare their sports cars back to what all the other reviewers compare sports cars back to but in 2018 is it still worthy being called the benchmark and that’s what I’m trying to answer today with this review. So I’m going to 2018 BMW M3 this particular car is finished in the Mariana blue, or yeah I’m probably butchering that, but it’s a bad ass blue color whose cars are running a twin-turbo 3 liter inline-six 425 horsepower I believe 406 torque $65,000 base price which this particular car has a competition package on it so it bumps a base price up to like $73,000.  444 horsepower they tweaked the suspension in the transmission and the exhaust system is so much better. It’s also a couple of cosmetic tweaks on the outside in general. It’s a little bit more driver focused at a base of 3 so I’m taking of fall the driver assist traction controls off as well and it is a rear-wheel drive car and could light up the back tires. But this is not my car I don’t feel like buying the owner and you’ve set of tires but it is a good point to make that this is a rear-wheel drive car and it’s 0 to 60 is 4 seconds flat which is pretty crazy. That it’s right there with the all-wheel-drive RS5 and the power and this thing is so linear like I have power everywhere. thanks to the turbo in comparison to the E92 M3 which don’t get me wrong was an amazing car, but it just never had power. This is a nice change I have a lot more usable power in this canard it feels like it’s so much more power than 444, I don’t know if this is under rated or be end up. Just a really good job with how it comes on but this feels more like almost 500 horse to me and now I’m pushing 150 miles an hour in a 35. So I’m gonna comment down a little bit also the handling it’s not a fair comparison because my M4 was lowered and have a suspension all tweaks and everything but this feels so much better than my car. I’m going to be a little hypocritical here for a second because I’ve bashed on BMW for this before. The interior is like super plain but it’s super to the point you don’t fix what’s not broken right. Everything’s right where I’d want it to be and while it’s a little bit plastic and it’s not the most luxurious looking thing. It doesn’t distract me while I’m driving which is nice my Mercedes as much as I love. It is a little over the top all the LED lighting and the huge screens and everything else. It’s awesome but I buy cars based off, of a drivers experience and you don’t necessarily need giant iPads and everything else to have a good drivers experience that’s why Porsche does it so well. And I think I finally understand why BMW has kind of followed suit, god damn this thing’s quick look as much as I might not want to admit it. This is a great car for the money, it’s a great car and with all the assists off. It’s actually a really fun car to drive exhaust, is dramatically reworked from abasement before sounds so much better and actually is like a lot of little gurgles and cracks or you’re downshifting. a lot of these cars have done like a bacon sauce Fargo.  I am sure that’s what’s happening here. I’m okay with it, I know a lot of people hated it on the Huracan and then it just kind of started showing up everywhere it’s in my AMG. This car is doing it tech wise, I’ve always compared BMW to Apple almost. I mean everything’s super user-friendly, the infotainment Center is one of the best in the business. It might be a little dated but it works so well. The Drive system’s been around forever and the apple car play is actually available over Bluetooth which are my car have to plug in the iPhone. Of course this is annoying, it’s also way easier to use. Since it’s not a touch screen with the dial my Mercedes also doesn’t have a touch screen and the dials a little clunky to use a gripe I do have is it BMW  in cars aren’t different enough from their just base cars so aside from a couple in three badges on the interior you’d have no idea you’re in an M3 over something just like a 3-series as well as the outside this car sits a little bit wider I don’t know if it’s enough of a difference for me to show that this car is worth double what the base car is having said that the base 3-series looks really good so the M3 just happens to look really good it might have something do with the blue I’m very partial to like Riviera blue and Mexico blue from Porsche this is very similar in this color with these wheels SPECT out this way it’s one of the best looking cars out there for the money and in this little competition circle I’d say it’s probably my favorite[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]all of you guys can tell but I’m having I want to throw it sideways I’m not going to I’m having way too much fun driving this thing right now let’s talk about my favorite thing about this car and that’s the transmission everything about this transmission is almost perfect and I say almost because Porsche’s PDK is literal perfection this is right there I don’t want to say it’s just as good but I can’t tell you why it’s not just good everything from the way the paddles feel even when you’re clicking them they actually have like a per tactile feel the fact that the gear selects where it’s supposed to be it’s down in the center here and I can shift with it if I want to which is awesome I hate my Mercedes have to stock up on the thing just it feels so out of place and the shifts themselves are so lightning fast an automatic mode knows exactly what I want to do I know everyone’s I go just drive it in manual 24/7 and that sounds good in theory but occasionally it’s nice to be on automatic mode and it’s nice and when I put my foot down the car is gonna do what I wanted to do if something’s gonna sit there for 30 seconds and a hold of gear cause it doesn’t know what I want to do my Mercedes does that occasionally I wish it didn’t so what’s it like to actually drive this thing I’ve gone through all the specs and stuff but just purely on experience I’ve driven pretty much everything on the channel I’d say this competes with everything else I’ve driven if you grew up watching Top Gear now grant tour like I have they always compare cars back to typically the M3 of the 911 just so happens in 911S my favorite car of all time the m3 until today wasn’t really on my radar but I think I finally understand why like you have the C63 is probably faster in a straight line the rs5 might be faster around a circuit it’s got really tight turns just cause the auto drive system both those cars are great and they’re excellent on a couple things the M3 is excellent at everything so after driving this thing for two days now I think I have an answer to my own question if I and 2018 was starting a car company and I had to build a four-door entry-level sports car I would probably use the M3 as my benchmark – it’s really good.

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