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This is story a man drive with BMW X4

There is the new 2018 BMW x4 it’s a slightly more premium slightly, more sporty variant of the x3 that has as loped down roof kind of like the BMW x6. We’re going to drive it for the first time today. From the driver’s seat unsurprisingly the x4 drives similarly to the x3 and I’m actually happy to get to talk about that. I went to Portugal to drive the x3 and film the video on it and I got the flu immediately. After landing so no video but I’ve since reviewed that vehicle and I’m driving this car for the first time, and the similarities are very easy to spot the – looks identical forward visibility is excellent. We have the same powerful 6-cylinder engine in this model which is them-40 eye of the – this is them-40 eye which is the top version beneath that is an x Drive 30 eye the extra 30 eye comes with a 2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder about 250 horsepower so and this m4 has a turbocharged straight-6 with 355 horsepower and about 365 pound-feet of torque so acceleration In this is not a problem. BMW’s never had a problem making powerful engines that feel good this one revs all the way to 6,500 rpm and sounds good in the process so it’s a very satisfactory driving experience that nicely weighted and easy to grab onto 

steering wheel feels good in your hands there’s good detentes in the rim that make you want to grab the wheel at the right position the throttle response is pretty solid for a turbocharged engine especially one with an 8-speed transmission but dial it intone of the various sport modes it even gets a little louder and it’ll crackle the exhaust my make down

shifts take a listen to this that’s a good sound and speaking of crazy performance things that you don’t expected this kind of vehicle we’ve got launch control and that’ll get this m40I model to 60 miles an hour according to BMW in just over four and a half seconds there’s no arguments about how fast this car could be in a straight line when it comes to handling it does that job pretty well too there’s no getting around that it’s an SUV that it rides taller that weighs a fair amount as well but still the satisfying parts of driving quickly how the car responds when you go into a corner how it feels when you accelerate out.
all those elements are tied together very nicely and that’s important because that’s kind of what you’d expect from BMW the x4 aspires to be a sporty ER version of the x3 to that end they’ve extended the rear track width on this over an inch from 0.2 inches and that seems like a small amount but it actually is kind of major deal they’ve done this because you know it looked good which doesn’t hurt and two it also makes the car a little bit more nimble and that’s something you may not notice when you’re driving you know in that commute and stop and go traffic but it may influence other elements like if you decide to go up a winding road or take freeway off-ramp or on ramp at a good clip all the x4 models come with the sports suspension and that makes it Ride a little bit more firmly than the standard car and adaptive damping is optional the version that we’re driving like I mentioned is an X 40 I but it’s outfitted and kitted out with all the doodads and accessories if you couldn’t tell by this beautiful red leather now all the exports comes standard withal large entertainment display but ahead-up display is optional but this one has it and it looks attractive what Alike about this new generation of x3 and x4 is this large digital gauge cluster it’s interesting because it’s definitely digital screen but they’ve worked in the surrounds of the gauges those are actual fixed elements you can reach out land touch them even though the screen behind them can change to whatever we’ve also got some sporty-err seats in this they have a little bit more aggressive side bolstering and that’s to make you know help you sit in place now let’s talk about the rear hatch the rear window is a lot smaller than it is on the x3 and the rear headrests impinge upon the visibility as well we have tall side view mirrors which help and we have suite of safety equipment including rear view camera top view camera all that stuff as well the visibility could be concern to some people who are more sensitive to that than not this X4 which is outfitted with all the sporty elements does the sporty driving stuff right which is exactly what you did hope but let’s talk about what happens to the backseat now the story with the last generation BMW x4 was that it compromised so much interior space because the way this roof line went down that it really didn’t seem to be that much worthwhile stepping to it over inx3 because the compromises were so great now because this generation x3 and consequently this generation x4 are so much bigger than those vehicles there are still compromises but the space remains pretty usable I gotta say as I slither over to this seat here I find that if I sit behind the driver’s seat where I was sitting last if I sit behind myself I have plenty of legroom plenty of shoulder room although my hair is just about brushing the roof if you have any taller passengers taller than 510 or to passengers with you know big torsos their heads might be in the roof and this center seat here is has a pretty firm backrest so you can get four adults in this car total that you probably wanna keep you know the center space for the little ones cargo space is a lot less than the x3 but the cargo area is pretty usable you can flip down this backseat and use this entire loading area to put your stuff the x4 is a very nice driving and interesting looking vehicle the questions who’s buying it it’s more expensive than an x3 and offers less utility and utilities the second word that makes up the acronym SUV so from a logic perspective it’s kind of a head scratches that’s what it’s always been I think the real draw is that this is something that will be sold in small numbers that looks it different that has a sporty edge to it and that alone is enough for shoppers who are looking for something a little bit more unique and something that stands out a bit more than your normal luxury compact SUV we’ll be sure to do a deeper test on this once we get it back at our office but for now the impression is this thing drives well and the people who are remotely interested in the way this looks should check it out if you like what you saw keep it tuned right here


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