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Nearly 10 years ago Nissan debuted the GTR and it was a supercar killer. it could do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and was even the king of the Nurburgring. For a short period of time it raised the bar for performance vehicles and since then automakers have made it bigger. And adder supercars to take this thing down but every year nice and updates the GTR in one way or another. And for 2017 they promise that this is the most significant refresh yet so let’s jump in and see if it still is a supercar killer. Okay now Before we jump into all the boring changes like the interior and exterior let’s talk about what makes this car awesome and that’s the way it drives under the hood is the familiar 3.8 liter v6 that’s twin turbocharged to make 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque that’s paired to an advanced all-wheel drive train and a quick shifting but now refined six-speed dual-clutch transmission all of that adds up to a very fast car in fact it’s unbelievable how quick this car is because of how heavy it is it weighs almost 4,000 pounds now how does it manage to be this fast while weighing that much has a lot to do with that all-wheel drive train that I was talking about normally the car acts like a rear-wheel drive car sending all the power to the rear wheels when the time calls for it. The car can send up to 50 percent of the power up to the front wheels and it ensures you have grip all the time in fact this thing is so conference inspiring you’re going to go through each turn and lay down the power a little bit sooner than usual just to see how this car handles it and every time I don’t think you’ll be disappointed now major part of that speed equation is this six-speed dual-clutch transmission it is fast but it’s not quite as smoothed some of the other units that you’d find for example in Porsches 911s but its more refined there’s less bucking and it feels pretty good coming from a stop and starting up again refinement is huge part of the 2017 GTR in fact the car has an active noise cancellation system that makes the car quieter in the cabin in fact the cabin has become so quiet that Nissan has actually integrated some sort of digital trickery in order to pipe in the noise from the engine into the car that’s pretty useful mean you can still hear this engine but you know what I don’t think I’m really sold in the way the car sounds I mean if you’ve listened to the v10 s in the Audi r8 or the Lamborghini Huracan you’ll know that those cars sound like something special so does the McLaren in fact even the Porsche 911 turbo sounds so unique and how can you forget that supercharger whine in the Corvette zo6 compared to those other cars the Nissan GTR just sounds a little flat and while I’m complaining I’ve got to talk about these brakes in a performance car like this you need carbon ceramic brakes especially when you have such high limits and you’re going to intend to want to take this car onto the track the normal brakes in this are pretty good for everyday driving but I don’t have much confidence on how they’ll fare on the racetrack but you knew when you clicked on this link that I was gonna say something like this car is so fast and it handles great but what you want to find out with whether you can live with this car every day and there’s some interesting things to consider when it comes to the Nissan GTR for example this car doesn’t come with all of those nice convenience features or driver assists there’s no blind spot warning information there’s no lane departure warning there’s no forward collision warning there’s not even adaptive cruise control and in a fixed bigger car like this I think that’s necessary okay so it doesn’t come with all of those features but you know what you can forgive it because the car is so fast and the car handles so great I wasn’t expecting a car this big and heavy to handle like this but that all-wheel drive system just digs in and claws at the ground and keeps you planted okay so first of all the GTR has been updated on the exterior but very slightly you’ll notice the GTR where’s Nissan’s new V motion grill which is bigger than before in order to help cool that beastly 3.8 liter v6 engine under the hood the new front end also features new matte chrome accents and flows elegantly to the rest of the car while the GTR still looks as blunt as sledgehammer these little touches helps, often the blow it may not be as pretty as the R8 or Lamborghini Huracan but the GTR still cuts through the air with a0.26 coefficient of drag which is about the same as a BMW I8 hybrid now air flow is an important part of the GTR’s exterior design and he knows the side sills air vents and other flared elements help direct air around the car I love the way this thing looks and everything on the car seems to fulfill one of two purposes it either makes the car go fast it makes it look more bad ass the biggest upgrades are found inside the car now in the past the GTR a pretty laughable interior especially in comparison to the Porsche 911 and Audi r8 but now it’s been completely redone and it looks great especially thanks to this dashboard that’s wrapped in nap a leather it’s a bit cleaner in here as well as the old GTR had 27 buttons and switches on the center console and now that’s been pared down to just 11 the interior updates helped the GTR feel like a more modern product but it’s not perfect yet there’s still no Android auto or apple car play which is a huge bummer I mean what year are we in nice and does anyone over there use a smart phone on the other hand the seats have been updated to be far more comfortable on longer rides.

Nissan have moved the paddle shifters off the column and onto the actual steering wheel so you don’t have to go hunting for them when driving on the track one more thing to mention about the new GTR if it’s priced it starts at over $111,000 us including destination which is an increase over the last year model and still a bargain when you consider that our rates and Porsche 911Turbo cost much more so after all these years is the GTR still a supercar killer heck yes it is did you see how fast this thing was but here’s the thing all those supercars come with fancy features and high-tech gizmos and the GTR just doesn’t have those things so if you don’t care about adaptive cruise control or say Smartphone integration then the GTR is going to be perfect for you because it’s still faster than all those other supercars.

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