Shifter11 The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

This is Review About The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse that Has been Bought

what’s going on everybody, Today I’m going to be talking about all the cool features and what it’s like to own one of Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, What I like dislike about this car so let’s get started.
Here we go, This car full black leather interior white stitching, Alcantara steering wheel carbon twelve O’clockring,

let’s get this bad boy out of the garage key right here I think it seemed very similar to the Bentley key as they’re all owned by Volkswagen.

This is the more luxurious key pop it open turn it everything turns on put on the brake start this baby up this thing we are in handling mode turn off the car turn Nikita left check it out press the key back in the middle to start this review first let’s talk about the exterior of his car it was designed much more of a elegant classy approach rather than the Agera RS which was more of a race track focused

With all the polished carbon canards and everything you can see this one just a crisp I would get white carbon and obviously this is Drive test which is the 1200 horsepower model you can see with the extra events in the front also in 2010 and later the Veyrons had a update in the headlights you can see right there the old ones just have three round bulbs this has just one there with these LED here which looks amazing when they’re on let’s get on to the back side of the car now in my opinion the best-looking part you can see the upgraded clear taillights here rather than the red ones what the spec fits in a lot more another upgrade with Drive test and Super Sport is these dual exhaust down here the first shot Veyrons had be just single pipe in the middle this diffused also only for the Vitesse and Super Sport and the 16 cylinder quad turbo motor producing 1200 horsepower monster of an engine and

obviously we got all the black tinted carbon fiber which almost looks gold. you can see right there super cool you can see the view tests flex right there. this car is actually convertible as well, so this whole panoramic roof right here with the carbon has to be taken off and stored right there on that stand unfortunately not pitiable in the front hood but it’s still pretty cool. To have a 1200 horsepower convertible car a few people have asked what this lorica Blanc means on the car well lorica Blanc translated in English means the white Orca that was a name just chosen as this car is a one-off spec it needed a name to follow so Bugatti brainstormed a few ideas and we thought lorica Blanc was the best one out of the bunch so you could see the lorica blog badge on the door we go on to the other side you can see right here we got it in the door-sill and the coolest part if you want to pop up in the trunk your hand right here opens up the badge right here we’ll Orca Blanc one of one chassis number and it’s the fifth car in the United States trunk space pretty decent could be better but honestly how much are you Gonne throw in the trunk of a Bugatti a backpack a suitcase I guess you could fit it in there let’s go over some of the stuff in the interior we got the bugatti clock AC outlets the radio which I still don’t know how to control that much it’s kind of complicated we have the climate control stuff and all the performance stuff here in the middle so we got large control we have the button to raise and lower the wing heated and cooled seats obviously the start/stop and the gear switch are here steering wheel got the small pedals here up chef downshift see everything there we got the RPM in the middle the speed on the right and the horsepower on the left don’t usually look there though when you’re full throttle in the Bugatti you can see the center here we put our own Apple thing for music since this car was designed in 2013 the I Phones were in that big so as you can see my I Phone is bigger than the whole Cup unfortunately you would have to use older I Phone or just stick with the old IPod now let’s talk about some of the achievements this car has this car has the current record for fastest convertible car and previously before it was broken by the Agera RS had the record for fastest production car at 268 miles per hour and obviously the Koenigsegg beat it at 277 point 9 but still nonetheless car is faster than anything else on the road. Besides the Koenigsegg to start the list off with the things that I disliked on this car it’s got to be the sound the sound in this car is in my opinion a little too quiet for a hyper car compared to the other cars like la Ferrari and the Guerra RS the sound could be in proved little bit. Number two thing I dislike on this car it’s got to be the suspension. Suspension isn’t as smooth as the Agera RS,. So you feel the bumps and everything lot more especially when you’re on handling mode and that’s usually what we drive in most of the time. The number three thing I dislike about this car’s got to be the track usability now we don’t track our cars too often but the three or four times that we tracked it in Dubai it wasn’t the best it’s amazing on the street but other than that on the turns you’re getting taken by every car obviously it’s pretty heavy at 4,200 pounds it’s still 200 pounds lighter than the other Veyrons but still 4,200 pounds now the fourth thing that I dislike about this car and I think it’s the biggest downside of this car it’s got to be the maintenance prices the maintenance prices on this car absolutely absurd they are the reason many of the Bugatti owners have sold their cars in the past some of you might know that the tires on this car are forty thousand US dollars for a press which makes it to ten thousand dollars each tire like honestly do these tires cost ten thousand each one probably not they were handmade and it’s only unique to this car and I know all that stuff but still ten thousand dollars for a tire I think ten thousand dollars you can get a full set of tires on that car speaking of bugatti tires here’s our previous set that we used while driving and Dubai and everything it’s pretty cool to see so these two top ones here are the Front’s obviously and just look at the bottom ones they’re huge and yeah I know they don’t look that used but Bugatti makes it mandatory that you change the tires every 5,000 milesit’s kind of a bummer I know we had alittle bit more use probably could have put another 2,000 miles in these tires but you got to do what you got to do to keep the warranty and since these tires are actually glued on to these wheels every third tire change you have to change the wheels too which adds another$40,000 so just imagine a third time you have to spend eighty thousand dollars for a tire change the oil change on this car also crazy crazy price twenty thousand US dollars just to change the oils and a few of the bolts and the fuel pumps and stuff like that few minor stuff that probably don’t need to be changed but Bugatti changes it anyway snow I will add something that I love about this car it’s probably the most comfortable and most usable hyper car out of the bunch while we were in Dubai this was pretty much our daily driver as we didn’t have another car so if we need a groceries or we needed to go buy light bulbs we took this perfectly find the entire trip you see the wing adjusts itself when he turn it on its super cool people freak out anything as a public Wayne Goes Down obviously the whole car lifts itself down just a few centimeters but it still helps going up at that drive you hear the turbo spool ring a little bit pretty cool alright guys.

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